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August 07, 2007


concerned citizen

So where are the auditors? What good is the State Auditor's Office if they aren't involved during the development phase of such an expensive system? Is there no expertise to do these kinds of reviews? How can the state's financial auditors possibly give the state a clean of bill of health year after year after year?? Do they just not get it??

Robert Kingsley

As one who has to work with one of the "failed systems," I hope Gov. Ritter will actually fix the systems that Owens gave the people of Colorado.

However, Ritter, through some DHS personnel pronounced CBMS as "fixed." Nothing could be farther from the truth. CBMS is still costing the people of Colorado millions of dollars each month. I hope Governor Ritter will reconsider his position and start to work on CBMS.
I doubt he will...

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