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July 23, 2007


Robert Kingsley

Bless you Don! I hope something can be done to correct this massive problem.

Donald McCubbrey

Thanks for the feedback, Robert. I think I have an effective channel opening up soon to pass your comment along. Please stay tuned. It will be during the first week of September.

Robert Kingsley


I work with the CBMS system every day as an employee with DHS. Not only is the system overly complicated, it continues to overpay recipients more than they are eligible to receive. One of the most frustrating things about the CBMS system is that prior to it's start up it took me less than one hour to compute an overpayment. With CBMS it takes about six hours to compute an overpayment and even after all that time, chances are that there are so many internal issues that the overpayment will not be validated.

Taxpayer money is still bleeding out of the system in an unbelievable rate. I have spoken with my representatives, but very little is being done to solve the problem.


Thanks for your post, Robert. I honestly don't know if the CBMS issues have been resolved or not. Somehow, I doubt it. Anyone else who is closer to the actual status care to comment?

Robert Kingsley

CBMS seems to be noticably absent in this article. Is the Governor going to ignore this failed system? I have heard that the Governor pronounced the issues with CBMS as having been resolved. Is this the case? If the Governor did indeed say this, nothing could be further from the truth.

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